Pharmacist Resume & LinkedIn Perfect Storm Ready?

No doom or gloom. Now is just a crucial time for all pharmacists to career plan, network (traditionally or via their pharmacist LinkedIn profile) and give it their all to reach desired career goals.

Having lived on the Gulf Coast most of my life, we are encouraged to prepare when a major storm is in the forecast. We are fortunate to receive meteorological warnings and info early so we can decide the best thing to do for our particular situations.

The hard part of storm warnings is that we get early warnings but the final details of exactly where and how bad the damage will be are not known until the storm is already upon us.

So now, the first key decision must be made: will I prepare in advance as best I can–getting the necessary tools and resources lined up in case I need them? or scramble at the last minute and potentially go without during a trying time.

Well, some say that a Pharmacy Perfect Storm may be upon us. Increasing numbers of pharmacy graduates, artificial intelligence, prescription kiosk testing, and now Amazon making a major move onto the pharmacy scene.

Whether you agree with an Rx Perfect Storm or not, the real question is: what will you do as a pharmacist if a potentially less than optimal forecast is in the near future? Whether you have the mindset to always be prepared or you find yourself in need of some career tools and resources quickly, here are some things to consider.[divider]

5 Tips to Weather Potential Career Storms

[1] HAVE A PLAN A & PLAN B. Next, prior to any major storm on the Gulf Coast, the second biggest decision is made: will I stay and “hunker down” with my tools and resources to ride out the storm? or will I evacuate to a place where I am more comfortable and resources are more abundant? 

If your Plan A is to stay in the pharmacy profession and/or your current job, give it all you’ve got! Engage, sharpen your skills, and find ways to passionately contribute to your employer and the profession. Continue to work on marketing your value.

If your Plan B is to find something outside of traditional pharmacy or change careers altogether (in other words, evacuate) then preparing for that change in advance or before a forced evacuation (layoff) is always better. Have you researched and assessed what other areas you excel in, are passionate about, and have the work-life balance you need? If not, seek qualified career transition resources to help you focus your efforts toward your new career goals.

[2] COLLECT ITEMS/DATA THAT HIGHLIGHT YOUR VALUE and contributions to your employers. Yes, save your performance metrics and evaluations–even a thank you note from a customer or co-worker will remind you of your accomplishments. If you don’t have anything, start collecting now or find an opportunity and make a difference. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow…so go ahead and make it count.

[3] OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE. Your Pharmacist LinkedIn profile is always on, 24/7 marketing you. Having a great LinkedIn profile does not mean you are job searching. It means you care about your career and love to build your professional network.

Employers will Google you when you apply for a pharmacist job. Your LinkedIn profile will be in the top results. What will they find? A profile half completed or poorly done? Not finding one at all is just as bad. They want the opportunity to learn more about you–so give it to them and make it shine!

Do you have a profile? Is it Search Engine Optimized? If not, and you are keeping options open or actively job searching, you’re making it harder for recruiters to reach out to you.

[4] UPDATE YOUR RESUME AND OR CV and be ready to give potential employers and those in your network what they ask for. Resumes are the norm so handing over a 7-page CV with irrelevant details for the targeted position may cause you to miss out. If a CV is required or requestedby all means, provide one–making sure it too highlights your value.

[5] GO ABOVE AND BEYOND. Now is not the time to whine about the weekend pharmacist rotation. You want to be viewed as the pharmacist who unifies, problem solves, leads by example–not one who seems to stir the pot of contention frequently. During a storm, convenience often goes out of the window for a while. When the storm passes things slowly get back to normal and stabilize.

If you need assistance with your pharmacist career plan or self-marketing tools. I am here to help.

About the Author

Denise R. Hemphill, PharmD, CCM, NCRW, CPRW, CIC, CCTC is the founder of Confident Career Moves®. She is an Executive Resume, CV, & Social Profile Writer designing dynamic self-marketing tools. As a pharmacist and career manager equipped with 5 prominent career industry certifications, she helps pharmacists nationwide reach their career goals. Connect on LinkedIn 

Are you seeking a transition into management? A transition into management? Another pharmacy practice area? Or even another career? Visit

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