CLIENT PARTICIPATION: The goal of Confident Career Moves is to provide the best possible resume and career tools for each of our clients. It is the responsibility of the client, and indeed, in the client’s best interest, to supply us with all requested information and to work collaboratively with us to complete a customized package that reflects their individuality and highlights their career assets. Confident Career Moves strongly encourages active Client participation in this process to achieve the best outcome possible for all concerned.

For resume/career tool projects, Client understands provision of additional data is a vital part of the writing process and, therefore, agrees to provide all requested information.

Client’s failure to submit additional data, attend scheduled calls, or respond to other requests required to perform services within 14 days will prompt Confident Career Moves to complete the project with original information submitted. No refunds will be issued, and any additional information submitted or a change in the project scope will be subject to additional writing time at a rate of $175/hr.

PAYMENT, PROJECT SCOPE, & REFUND POLICIES: Full project payment is required in advance. Client understands and acknowledges that writing is a personalized creative service, and as such, payment cannot be canceled or refunded except as outlined in this agreement:

Unless otherwise arranged, initial drafting and project planning will start on the 3rd business day after the Client has made payment or 24 hours prior to the Project Drafting Strategy Interview, whichever comes first.

NO refunds once work has begun. Final Draft completion window begins with the conclusion of the Project Drafting Strategy Interview and continues up to 12 business days.

The above timelines are not subject to unforeseen circumstances such as electrical or mechanical failures, acts of terror or God (e.g., civil unrest, pandemic spread, hurricanes, tropical storms, or other natural disasters, etc.), writer’s health, writer’s family emergencies, or other occurrences beyond Confident Career Moves’ control. Confident Career Moves’ liability is limited to the completion of work or refund of total amount paid.

PROOFREADING: Clients receive proofreading instructions with project draft copy and are asked to review all material thoroughly for data accuracy and completeness. Clients are advised to check all dates and correct spellings. CCM is not responsible for omissions made on behalf of Client or incorrect information. CCM is not liable for information obtained from a client that is false. CCM does not research any information given by the client. If corrections are needed, Clients are asked to forward them via e-mail to support@CCMovesLLC.com or schedule a revision session to discuss necessary changes.

Once Final Draft is presented to Client for review, it is for purposes of finalization within 5 days. If a client does not respond to Final Draft within 5 days, your package will be considered complete and void of any further editing obligations. Edits and consulting time beyond 5 days will be billable at our standard hourly rate of $175/hr.

Final proofreading is the responsibility of the Client & upon acceptance of the final project, the Client confirms 100% satisfaction and is solely responsible for the accuracy, usage, and results of project. Confident Career Moves’ liability is limited to completion of work and assumes no liability after resume has been proofread and approved by the client. 

REVISIONS: One revision (based on original material provided) is included in the quoted fee. If you wish to make more than one set of discretionary revisions, additional writing, rework and/or consultation fees may apply at a rate of $175/hr.

ELECTRONIC FILES: Confident Career Moves provides resume formats in both Word and PDF versions. ASCII (text only) formatted documents can be ordered and purchased separately. Confident Career Moves cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files with Clients’ systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features. Clients may consider using PDF or ASCII Text formatted resumes if there is concern over loss of resume format. Please note that Confident Career Moves does not provide technical support on document formatting and cannot guarantee system compatibility or the successful transfer of formatting features.

NO GUARANTEE: Confident Career Moves makes no expressed or implied guarantees of an interview or employment. It is the sole responsibility of the client to engage assertively in the job search process.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: The client retains intellectual property ownership of all work produced and may reproduce and distribute copies as he/she sees fit.



DEVELOPMENT FEES: Confident Career Moves’ fee is for profile content revamp or creation only and does not include any fees associated with upgraded LinkedIn Accounts. When working on your profile, we may need access. However, once Confident Career Moves completes your project, you are encouraged to change passwords for security purposes. Payment for profile development is required in advance and is NON-refundable once work has begun. Profile development is subject to the same proofreading terms previously mentioned and any other applicable terms & conditions from LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement.

Updated 1/1/24