The Shot Heard Around the Pharmacy World

Could Technician Administered Shots Affect Your Pharmacist Career Plan?

[Updated Dec 2018] For the first time, a pharmacy technician has administered an immunization shot to a patient in a community pharmacy. This is just another example of role expansion for pharmacy technicians today. It begs the question: as the entire pharmacy profession continues to expand and advance healthcare, are you doing the same as a pharmacist?

If you’re reading this more than likely, you can say, yes. Nevertheless, more and more I am contacted by pharmacists who seem caught off guard by the shifts in job duties and staffing practices of today’s pharmacies. Now more than ever is the time to assess your pharmacist career plan. It’s time to explore all your options.

As provider status for pharmacists continues to make forward progress it behooves pharmacy professionals to continue to advance and evolve too. Sharpen your skills and remain abreast of professional trends.
Alternatively, if there’s no desire to change within your current line of work, you might opt to change sectors within the pharmacy profession — or change professions altogether.

“There are plenty of ways to advance your pharmacist skills, plenty of pharmacy sectors to choose from, and a number of other professions where your talents can be utilized. But, change is not instant and successful new endeavors do not happen overnight.”

The time has come for pharmacists to determine the best career plan for them. Not deciding and sitting idly by thinking “pharmacist status quo” will get you to retirement isn’t working in our current environment. So figure out your career game plan.

5 Steps to an Effective Pharmacist Career Plan

1. EVALUATE YOUR GOALS AND NEEDS. Honestly evaluate financial, professional, and personal goals/needs. The importance of each varies from person to person. Take time to rank these areas and decide which is the most crucial for you.

2. CREATE AN ACTION PLAN. Outline definitive steps that need to be undertaken to help you reach your new goal. Whether it’s earning a certification, an additional degree, or researching alternative job settings — write it down for focus and clarity.

3. JUST DO IT. Start working the to-do items from your action plan. Even if you tackle one action a week, commit to your plan and make progress wherever you can.

4. SEEK ACCOUNTABILITY. Ask someone to hold you accountable to your plan. Maybe your spouse or another colleague is willing to help. Having to give someone a regular update can keep you moving forward.

5. PREPARE TO MARKET YOURSELF. If you’d gained new skills, you need to highlight them well on your resume. Changing sectors or professions? Your resume and other career documents need to help prospective employers connect the dots of your experience and transferable skills.

If you need assistance with any of these steps, seek a career professional to help you along the way. In summary, it’s time for the status quo to GO! If you’re a pharmacist in idle mode, get going and rev things up!!

About the Author

Denise R. Hemphill, PharmD, CCM, NCRW, CPRW, CIC, CCTC is the founder of Confident Career Moves®. She is an Executive Resume, CV, & Social Profile Writer designing dynamic self-marketing tools. As a pharmacist and career manager equipped with 5 prominent career industry certifications, she helps pharmacists nationwide reach their career goals. Connect on LinkedIn 

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