3 Must-Dos for First Pharmacist Job

3 Things Pharmacist Graduates Should Do Now
to Land Pharmacist Job

Confident Career Moves - Pharmacist Resume Writing ServiceBe honest, April is sort of late for initial pharmacist job preparations if you are graduating. But whether it’s a final project, a clinical rotation to finish up, pharmacy school exit exams, graduation ceremony prep, or celebration planning…a lot is vying for your attention and time. Then, the most important of all, preparation and passing of the NAPLEX Exam. In the very near future, you pass, and you’re now a pharmacist! So what about a job?

For new graduates, it’s best to prepare early to land your first pharmacy job.
But if you haven’t even started, there are key things you should do now!

1. Update Your CVDo as your wonderful pharmacy school professors told you and update your CV after each rotation. Note pharmacy name, location, dates, preceptor’s name (keep the phone number even though you won’t put it on your CV.) Jot down your main duties, projects, and significant clinical interventions. For many schools, a complete Pharmacist CV is a prerequisite for graduation, but if not, do it now.

2. Keep Important Rotation Documents. Sure, you turned in info to your school of pharmacy but also keep copies for your reference to further enhance a basic CV and prepare for the detail required on a pharmacist resume. Did you really remember everything you did on rotation? Well, the checklist your preceptor signed off does! So file a hard copy of rotation objectives, competency or training checklists, projects, preceptor evaluations from each rotation, and any letters of recommendation.

Also, file hard copy certificates for any awards received. Hard copy awards can also be a source of visual verification when developing your LinkedIn profile or personal website. Again, all great info for drafting your post-graduation career tools.

3. Create a Basic LinkedIn Profile. Your profile can be optimized later for your job search. But one of the most important aspects of an effective LinkedIn profile is being well connected, and that takes time.

If you are connected to less than 50 people, your profile loses luster and the interest of recruiters and hiring managers

First, add a picture, then the Headline – Pharmacist Intern. Your School of Pharmacy is next (and rotations sites if you have time) then START CONNECTING TODAY with:

1. Fellow classmates

2. Current & previous preceptors (the closer to the rotation the better.) Preceptors see a lot of students, so you want them to remember you. But definitely connect before you graduate and they start with next year’s class–connect before they forget!

3. Pharmacy school faculty members (ditto, connect before they forget!)

4. Other students and pharmacists you met at conferences

Many pharmacists get hired by pharmacies where they made good impressions as interns. LinkedIn is a good way to stay in the loop. A large portion of open positions are never published, and networking can be one of the most important tactical tools for your pharmacist job search. With the connection hurdle out of the way, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile with accomplishments and personal branding elements.

These days hiring managers are not shy about asking employees if they know of good candidates…and that could be you! According to US News and World Report, referred candidates have better odds of getting hired. Will you be ready?

If you are just too short on time or not sure on how best to optimize your CV or LinkedIn, reach out to me on LinkedIn or schedule a free consultation appointment today.

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